The EnviroKid

Just imagine the most handsome, beautiful human being you’ve ever seen.  That’s me. 

Now, down to business.  I write about whatever is important enough to get meh pondering.  Now that can be anything from America’s major happenings of the day to what kind of sandwich I ate for lunch.  Obviously, most of the time my posts are environment-related.  I didn’t say that to undermine your intelligence, I just thought I’d clear it up.  My writing style is straight-forward, with a touch of 1337 5p34k from time to time. 

The world we live in works, for the most part, because we all have different opinions.  I’ll openly express my opinions on certain topics and I will be offended if you have a differing view and don’t bring it up.  No egos here, just opportunity for intellectual and personal growth. 

What should you expect from the EK??

Think big my friends, think big.  In this blog, we’ll cover how our modern lives work, what this crazy environment of ours is doing, and new technology that just might make you go “wow, that’s really freaking interesting, i’m glad i read this blog”, etc.  Conclusion: I love you, my fellow student of eternal enlightenment, and I wish to educate you with facts that maybe you wouldn’t have learned that particular day.  So let’s connect, learn some eco-tastic shiz, and share a few chuckles along the way.


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