I’m an ecogeek, that ain’t no lie, so I feel it’s only logical that I come up with some realistic (and maybe 1 or 2 crazy) eco-friendly goals that my community can achieve.  Don’t be afraid to copy some of these ideas, in fact, I strongly encourage you to do what I’m doing at your school, office building, church, temple, gypsie bar, or home.  So here we go:


  • Revise and Carry out the paper recycling system
  • Buy at least 5 plastic bottle recycling bins
  • Edumacate the school about the new bins
  • Build a compost bin outside for all those biodegradables


  • Replace the cafeteria utensils/condiments eco-friendly
  • Convince the school to employ a nudist-friendly policy

I’ll do my best to write up some posts pertaining to how these goals are coming along.  Until then, do your part to make the earth just a little bit happier.  He/She (i dunno what gender the earth is) is a little bit down in the dumps right now … PUN.


2 Responses to “Goals”

  1. Gabriel... Says:

    …here’s one I’ve been thinking about for a little while: make sure people take the tops off their water bottles before recycling them, or throwing them away. There are two benefits:

    1. The bottle and top are made from two different types of plastic, which means (I’m pretty sure) they have to be separated at the plant.

    2. Think of all the water trapped in those bottles when they get to the landfill. Emptying a bottle of water on the street, before tossing it into a garbage can, saves water.

    Good luck with the blog.

  2. theenvirokid Says:

    Those are some valid points, but plastic bottling is an unsustainable practice either way you slice it. their energy footprint is massive from the bottling plant to your home. in addition, you’re lookin at only 1/4 of all recycled bottles actually being melted down and remolded. hopefully next year we’ll be at a stage where we can endorse the use of stainless steel water bottles. thanks for your support btw!

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