Smart Mirror: Watches Your Water

January 8, 2010

Check this shizz out: it’s a bathroom mirror that shows you (in a somewhat complex way) how much water you’re consuming/have consumed from your bathroom sink.  Amazing Bathroom SinkNow, how in sweet Bajeezus’ good earth do you think this fancypants mirror works?

It works through a set of LEDs that are powered by the flow of water out of your faucet.  Now the concept shows you how much water you’ve used in the past hour, day, year, whatever via a specialized series of those LEDs I was talkin bout.  To top that off, there are little icons on the mirror that show you what forms of life your water consumption is harming.  How could you possibly let the water run when you see that cute little polar bear icon?  Well I dislike polar bears because they don’t let meh hug them, so I don’t really give 2 shizzes, but most people do.  Good job, DesignBoy Jin Kim, you are our innovator of the week (I’ll start posting designers of the week on Monday’s).  [pics from]

List of icons. Notice the "Number of African Children Buckets" icon. pure win, and you know it.


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